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Above and Beyond

Updated Post!

Above and Beyond. That’s where you’ve gone. And thinking about all the amazing things you all are finding and figuring out, I have that feeling I get while watching a parade. With fireworks. And confetti. And silly string, the kind that doesn’t get stuck in your hair.

It’s probably because I went so long thinking I had to do everything on my own. Yes, Grandpa believed in the power of optimistic people teaming up and joining forces. But Mom? Well, let’s just say she’s been looking out for me. She’s tough, independent, and she raised me to be the same. But I personally love the idea of merging both those worlds. Grandpa AND Mom’s.

This isn’t about me, though. This is about making sense of the last week or so, giving credit where credit is due.

First, I came across a nuclear fusion brochure in Grandpa’s apartment, and Stephen figured out that the message on it was written in shorthand. Chad’s grandmother and Reid’s mother translated the message, discovering a possible schedule for meetings with Wernher (Von Braun?), (Ray?) Bradbury, and Howard (Hughes?).

Who knew Grandpa knew shorthand!

Who knew Grandpa knew shorthand!

Then we discussed Wallace from, who posted his own map of the refreshed Tomorrowland in 1959. There appears to be three locations on Wallace’s map that seemed to be designated as points of particular interest – Submarine Voyage, Tomorrowland Monorail Station, and Tomorrowland Autopia.  Kalani found a secret code at the Midget Autopia statue. And Hastin found two more codes at Submarine Voyage and Tomorrowland Monorail Station.  Amber then pointed out those codes are U.S. patent numbers.  But what do they mean?

Then – remember those World’s Fair records I mailed out last week?


I mailed the records out to a bunch of you to thank you for all your help and hard work. After receiving one of the records, Elizabeth discovered that they were multi-grooved, with an extra track containing alternative narration for certain World’s Fair attractions – the Carousel of Progress and the Primeval World diorama.*  The audio for Side A can be found here and Side B can be found here.

James figured out that the alternative audio narration on the record was intended for special VIP guests. I believe each alternative narration was meant to be listened to at specific points in their corresponding attractions! The extra track audio hints at advancements in technology that didn’t come about until well after 1964.

A while back, we found out from Lott’s email footer that we can access protected pages on his website by adding a slash after the Lott Family Construction URL, followed by the codename of the project requested. After I posted a note about Grandpa that hinted at his involvement in something referred to as “eticket59”, Stephen entered “/eticket59” at the end of the Lott Family Construction URL and unlocked access to blueprints for the original Tomorrowland.

From the 'client area' on the Lott Family Construction website.

From the ‘client area’ on the Lott Family Construction website.

Within the original Tomorrowland blueprints, Jody and Stephen discovered secret keys to those patents, and the secret meanings of the patent diagrams were revealed. Shining light on top-secret tech. Finally illuminating what “Signal Flag,” Auto Apparatus,” and “Mark 0” were code names for!

Either way, all of the work you did and discoveries you found continually inspire me to continue on. To forge ahead. Undaunted. Overall, awesome progress this week. Looking forward to tomorrow. Always.

*Update:  Oops!  In my sleepy haze last night I posted the wrong name.  Silly me.  After listening to it, I think Stephen is right and the track is referencing Primeval World.

Now I’m*really* late to lab – gotta run!

228 Responses to "Above and Beyond"

  1. Adam says:

    I am so glad to have joined you, Amelia. I’m excited for what is to come. I’m sure I’ll find more stuff for your research.

  2. Louella says:

    Happy To join you, Amelia, as well. I hope I can contribute too.

  3. Danielle says:

    I’m so excited to see this all coming together! You’ve gotten this far already, Amelia; I can’t imagine what’s going to happen next!
    Keep up the awesome work everyone!

  4. Richard says:

    This is a blast and a wonder! What other mysteries can we help you uncover?!

  5. Kevin says:

    Thank you for the level-set, Amelia. We are fortunate to be in on this with some really smart people, including yourself. Looking forward to more information and discovery.

  6. YankeeWhite says:

    Thanks for another excellent write-up Amelia! I’m impressed that between work, school and putting the documentary together you’ve found time to summarize these amazing discoveries. I can see these recaps coming in handy when forming the final narrative of the doc.
    I think it’s safe to say your grandfather was involved in some advanced technology secret projects beyond just setting up theme park attractions and telling sci-fi stories. Secrets that have been kept from the public for decades… until now.

  7. Stephen says:

    I am so happy that we could tag along with you on this journey. Looking forward to what lies ahead!

  8. Nancy says:

    Here’s a wacky train of thought. I love the Wallace artwork and he did say he’d be at the, while looking at the schedule I noted that Brad Bird (Mr Tomorrowland present tense) will be at the Disney why would Mr Bird be at the Disney Store? Could it be to umm..present Wallace’s work and sign for him in case umm… Wallace can’t make it? Just a thought and how fun it will be to meet Mr Bird if the throngs let me through.

  9. Sharon says:

    This has been such an amazing journey, so glad there are plenty of people out there that can use all of today’s technology to help unravel all the clues.

  10. Megan says:

    You rock, Amelia! We are all looking forward to the next chapter!

  11. Jody says:

    wow! amelia, as a team we sure have researched and discovered a lot about your grandpa’s work with Walt Disney. btw, i think i’ve come up with a theory about the flag – blue with yellow dot – maybe that’s the flag for New York – both Tesla and Edison lived there, Tesla developed AC (Alternating current) power and Edison developed DC (direct current) power – Tesla’s company is Westinghouse and Edison is General Electric. The New Mexico flag was for the nuclear (atom) research facility. after reading the bios for tesla and edison on the websites, and, it dawned on me, perhaps your grandpa helped Mr. Disney incorporate his ideas/plans for Edison Square into Tomorrowland and the World’s Fair exhibits?

  12. Jody says:

    oh, forgot to add: Alabama – MLK Jr’s home state.

    • Kara says:

      Walt acutally went to Alabama to visit Bellingrath Gardens. They have a picture in the main lobby that says that he was looking at “Potential sites” for his new park.

  13. D.Z. says:

    We have made such great progress.

  14. Kara says:

    I was looking over the transcript of the record and COP overlay

    As the show goes on in the background, the narrator on the record mentions *Our immersive motion pictures also reveal flying contraptions*, with the power to reach any moon, any planet.” From the patent codes-”Panaoramic Motion Picture Presentation Arrangement” was found on the gate of Tomorrowland Monorail Station. Do you think that the monorails are what the record narrator is referring to- flying contraptions to other planets?

    • Stephen says:

      Kara, you are on the right track. When the Narrator mentions “…our immersive motion pictures will prepare you for travel…” I think that this is referring to the Panoramic Motion Picture Presentation Arrangement device. This simulator (like virtual reality) was presented the VIP’s (Bradbury, Hughes…etc)to show them what the “New World” is like and prepare them for what they will see when they decide to travel “through that door”

      • Kara says:

        “New World”- or more like “Tomorrow” or “The City”- City of Tomorrow…

      • Kara says:

        So, all these patents weren’t for some new ride in tomorrowland. They were parts of a simulator created for something so big that they needed to prepare people for it? If it has something to do with flight, I bet Mr. Gurr had a hand in the big project; along with Grandad Carlos.

  15. Katherine says:

    Ok Amelia and all the other super sleuths. I am heading to IASW today armed with side B of recording. Can anyone point me towards a good starting point to sync the audio with the ride? Also any ideas on what I should be looking/listening to? One thing is that the ride goes at various speeds so I am not sure how it can reliable sync with the attraction.

    • Stephen says:

      I think that you should defiantely start it at the begging of the Europe section, according to hand written direction in Carlos’ script

  16. Mercedes says:

    Impressive… There are some super-smart people connecting the dots. I bow to you all! :)

  17. Katherine says:

    There is a new exhibit across from Lincoln that was just added in the last month and it includes the first animatronic bird. Anyone think that this may be related? The bird is in a case facing the Lincoln exhibit.

    • Stephen says:

      hmmmmm…. that is a great catch, I believe that yes it may have something to do with it! the poster on Wallaces site says “What started with a bird in a cage” well it directly relates to just this bird! GOOD FIND Katherine!

      • andrew says:

        I agree. Do you think you could try and get a few pics of everything immediately surrounding the area? especially any plaques or anything that may seem significant. thanks!

      • Mercedes says:

        That exhibit is for the 60th anniversary of the Enchanted Tiki Room….

        • Katherine says:

          Yes, it is a big Tiki room exhibit but I asked a cast member about that bird and he said it the first animatronic and it was not from inside the Tiki room.

          • Mercedes says:

            Very interesting! I was at the park last Wednesday and I thought it was part of the anniversary exhibit!

          • Tristan says:

            I thought it was as well. It is not very disguised, either, which starts to make me wonder if it is related to Wallace.

        • Fred says:

          Mercedes is correct.
          That is actual a display of the famous “Barker Bird” who, (in the early days) used to be outside the Tiki Room advertising the show to the crowd below. :)

    • Derek says:

      Nice on catching the original bird… They truly were the origin of the audio animatronics, as we know them. That is definitely the barker bird, known for his work outside to bring folks in (I’m currently working on a project with him)

      While it is the 60th anniversary, it’s possible something is hidden; as Stephen brought up, our friend Wallace has an interest with Lincoln, and made mention of his ancestor. Maybe something will come up?

  18. Emily says:

    I tried listening to side two while watching the Disneyland IASW ride but nothing seemed to jump out at me… I’ll try different things. Maybe if people listen to it while they’re actually on the ride it will be different!

    • Katherine says:

      I am going to try today but I just can’t figure out what I am looking for or listening for.

      • Emily says:

        Its all rather confusing

        • Stephen says:

          Indeed it is confusing, there might not be anyting, but just try to pay special attension in the EUROPE section of the ride

          • Tristan says:

            I hope to find more signs of Wallace in the building.

          • Emily says:

            yea definitely because on wallace’s iasw poster, the imagery is all about Europe. For example, the entrance isn’t the entrance to the first scene, its the entrance to the europe scene!

          • Stephen says:

            Emily, that is what i was thinking of too, and if you look at the hand written note from Carlos on the Alternate Script, it says to start an the entrance to Europe

          • Kalani says:

            Here’s a couple photos of IASW that mirror Wallace’s poster.

          • Kalani says:

            They’re all in the Europe section / Second room.

          • Stephen says:

            Kalani, can you post a link to the files so we can look at them up close

          • Kalani says:

            Sure I’ll put the full res versions (along with some other random shots I took on ISAW) up on my flickr right now. They’ll just be added to my TAM set.

  19. Peter says:

    its been great working to help you amelia!

  20. andrew says:

    wallace tweeted a sneak peek of his new work, looks like something is gonna happen in The Courtyard Of angels tomorrow between 8:15-8:20am

  21. Whitney says:

    Wallace just Tweeted a preview of a pice he’s going to be releasing soon, it appears to be the Court of Angels in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, and there’s a time and date on the arch, tomorrow 8:15-8:20am, I have a feeling that if someone is able to be there at that time that something will be revealed! (Or else he’ll just release the finished piece tomorrow at that time, who knows!) I wish I didn’t live 7 hours away from Disneyland! I would so be there!!

  22. Kevin says:

    Is anyone going to be at DL park tomorrow? Check Wallace’s tweet @dcartography

  23. Christina says:

    Wallace just tweeted “a sneak peak of something I’ll be posting on the site very soon” It’s the courtyard to the right of the exit of Pirates. On the arch is a date and time: 7/26 8:15 to 8:20 am. Could it be a meet up time??? All I know is I will try to be there

    • Christina says:

      Here’s the photo.

      • Emily says:

        Someone better be going to Disneyland tomorrow…

      • Jody says:

        could that be the stairway that leads up to the private apartment in New Orleans square?

        • Jordan says:

          this is the entrance to the Disneyland Dream Suite, someone must go and find out what is going on. The Dream suite as we all know was supposed to be the family apartment for Walt and his family.

          • Christina says:

            I read on micechat that these stairs were meant to be the front entrance to the apartment until the stairs that you now see from Pirates were built.

  24. Alyssa says:

    Wallace just posted a new tweet with this pic, saying that it will be on his website soon!

  25. Katherine says:

    Look at the picture in Wallace’s new tweet!!! Look at the time and date in the drawing. I will be at Disneyland at that spot at 8:15! Who is joining me tomorrow!!!!

    • Fred says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t think that I’ll be able to make it. :(

      But please take pictures! :-)

    • Christina says:

      I know I am! lol. I’ve been trying to do some research on Le Grand Courtyard (now known as Le Court de Anges) but it’s hard to find. All I have found is that it is an exact replica of Herb Ryman’s concept art for it as per Walt’s request.

  26. CYNTHIA says:

    have you seen disneycartography’s recent tweet? something is happening tomorrow at New Orleans square in that quiet area between 8:15 and 8:20 am-anyone going to be there?

    • Hastin says:

      I’ve got the morning off work! I’ll try to make it there on time, but a 5 minute window is really short!

  27. Katherine says:

    Also, the pic is of a spot behind new Orleans square. I will take a pic today to confirm.

    • Tristan says:

      Wait, I may be able to go. I live on the border of San Diego, San Clemente to be exact. I may be able to snatch a good picture. I was already planning to go to DL anyway :lol:

  28. Brent says:

    “Follow the dream with heart and mind” are the lyrics to the song “it’s a great big beautiful tomorrow”. The song that was on the record.

  29. Whitney says:

    Haha, it looks like all of our posts were stuck awaiting moderation so we all posted about the same thing!

  30. Matthew says:

    Interesting use of the lyrics from Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow on his artwork – except the lyrics shouldn’t be “the”… Here are the original lyrics:

    Man has a dream and that’s the start
    He follows his dream with mind and heart
    And when it becomes a reality
    It’s a dream come true for you and me

    I don’t know what “the” dream is – but we may be on the path to finding it

  31. Brian says:

    I went out on a limb and emailed Mr. Lott about eticket59 and this is the response that I received:

    Dear Brian,

    I don’t think you should be poking around things that weren’t meant for you. They’re confidential and intended for clients only.

    • Brian says:

      I responded to Mr. Lott saying that I was in fact allowed to see the information about the project because I did have the project code and only those who needed to know would have that information. :)

      This is his response and I am attaching the file that he sent me, I believe we have seen it but I’m not sure and I wanted to attach it just in case.

      Dear Brian,

      Well, I’m not sure what you want me to tell you. Projects on that scale have all kinds of secrets. None of which I can tell you. Partly because that was fifty-some-odd years ago, and partly because I promised never to share what I saw. If you don’t believe me, take a look. I made an attachment to this email. I took a marker to all the secret bits though.

      • Jeffrey says:

        Blacked out bits (assuming similarities)
        The city
        The city
        Signal flags
        Mark 0

      • Tristan says:

        Found Mark 0 in the second and fourth paragraph, but that was it.

      • Derek says:

        Yep, this was the email he sent out before, which yielded the hunt for those code words… Maybe we’ll get something new?

        Great job though; I can’t seem to get that far with him.

  32. Katherine says:

    There is a picture at the exit of Lincoln of Amelia Earhardt. She is part of the Spirit of Inspiration! Sounds like your Grandpa was also very inspiring

    • Tristan says:

      There’s also a portrait of Hanna Montana. And an Earhart photo at the SoCA concourse. Coincidental, perhaps?

    • Christina says:

      When I was in there the other day I also noticed the three paintings in the photo below. They had different frames from the others in that section. From L to R: the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford (I had a theory before that one was part of “the society” because of something the record said). I thought it was interesting because the first two were mentioned in the Side B audio and the third sponsored(?) the 1964 world’s fair skyway that was also mentioned in the audio . Asked the CM and he said they had been there since Dec 2009. Probably just a coincidence but thought I’d mention it.

  33. Tristan says:

    This all has to do with Tomorrowland. In fact, it seems the original CoP has a part in this as well (hence the ‘man has a dream…’ lyrics. We’re catching on to something.

  34. Christopher says:

    I am SO UPSET that I can’t be at Disneyland tomorrow! Stuck near the World’s Fair, where there’s not much seemingly going on… :C But I want VIDEO!!!! Especially if it’s only five minutes long…

  35. Stephen says:

    Thanks everyone for the help!

  36. Julie says:

    Not sure if this will actually help on our quest or not, but just read this excerpt in the Disney Insider article on the upcoming D23 Expo: “and an early model for a space pavilion at Epcot that was worked on by Ray Bradbury.” Perhaps we finally found our Ray Bradbury connection???

    • Stephen says:

      I saw that too, and if you downlaod the D23Expo mobile app, and look at the description for the Parks and Resorts pavillion it says “…the lastest in autonomous Audio-Animatronics technology and an opportunity to meet an old friend in an entirely new way” this Expo sure sounds like it is going to be amazing.

  37. Jennifer says:

    Regarding the Ray Bradbury Space Pavilion. I googled and found this website with more information and concept art. It was supposed to take people “up to space”.

  38. Joshua says:

    It definitely looks like something exciting is planned for tomorrow in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. The use of New Orleans Square and the “secret” entrance to the apartment planned for the Disney family makes perfect sense in terms of the timing of Amelia’s grandfather’s work with WED. Work got underway on New Orleans Square in 1961 and the area had its grand opening on July 24, 1966. This places its construction and opening in the midst of the Tomorrowland 1959 additions featured on the Lott Construction website, the 1964-65 World’s Fair, and the 1967 redesign of Tomorrowland that brought the Carousel of Progress to Disneyland. I can’t wait to see what Disney history revelation comes next!

  39. Christina says:

    New Wallace art. Walt’s Haunt??

    • Samantha Rae says:

      I’m totally visiting a couple of the non-Disneyland places this weekend. XD I WILL take pictures and videos if needed!!!

    • Samantha Rae says:

      And someone needs to be at “The Bench” near Lincoln in Disneyland on August 1 at 8:10-8:15 am. Any takers?

  40. Joshua says:

    It looks like a trip to Griffith Park might also be warranted. For the Carousel: It looks like the last dark horse has a clue hidden on the horse or the carousel horse’s pole.
    For the Red Barn (Walt’s Train Barn): It looks like flash photography on the newly restored Disneyland Railroad Combine Car might yield a hidden clue.
    Counting the days until I’m back in LA to track down some of these clues myself. In the meantime, keep up the good work LA-area Optimists!

  41. Tristan says:

    Here’s the map! Be @ Le Grand Courtyard tomorrow!

    • Tristan says:

      Wallace sez:

      “If you go to any of the spots on the Walt’s haunts poster, use the hashtag #waltshaunts and go with a friend!”

      • Jeremiah says:

        The redbarn is only open on the 3rd Sunday of every month! So how do we get in there?

        • Catherine says:

          The combine car is a large car, and not inside the barn, so hopefully someone can go take a flash photo even if the barn isn’t open. It’s not far from the carousel. Someone could get both on one outing.

        • YankeeWhite says:

          On the main page it states
          The Disney Barn will be open Sunday, July 28 from 11:00am to 3:00pm to participate in the D23 Optimist event. Please come out and see us.”

  42. Rita says:

    This is all so amazing. Wishing I could be out there with you guys to help. Thank you so much to all those who are working hard. Have fun!!!

  43. Jeremiah says:

    Has anyone noticed on the Tomorrowland Blue prints that the Project Description is labeled 1301? Any significance to that? A quick google search brought up little.

    • Tristan says:

      Wait, Space Mountain used “1301″ in their “Com Chat”. Look up “Space Mountain Disneyland Commercial” and you’ll seek what I mean.

    • jade says:

      1301 Disneyland Drive

      Anaheim, CA 92802 – The address for the main parking garage at Disneyland, Anaheim.

  44. kris says:


  45. Brent says:

    Is anybody else having trouble seeing the images on this blog and Wallace’s website?

  46. Christina says:

    Someone went to Chili Johns and received a can of chili!! He is tweeting about findings now….

  47. Jennifer says:

    Oops here is pix

  48. Fred says:

    I so wish I could go the park tomorrow. Still, this is all very intriguing!

  49. Shoshana says:

    So @JeremiahDaws Found this in the can of Chili! (photo is his)

  50. Yunis says:

    I can’t find this Carousel in Pasadena. :(

  51. CYNTHIA says:

    It’s in Griffith Park. So is the bench? I know a bench is at the walt disney family museum but maybe we’re not supposed to go there until 8/1?

    • Christina says:

      in DL there is a bench with a sign that says this is the bench removed from Griffith Park or something along those lines. I think that is the one we are supposed to go to since the dot on Wallace’s new map looks like it is at Disneyland.

  52. Louella says:

    Worked it out and I will be there tomorrow with some of you! I’m happy to help out. On the Walt’s Haunts map, the Bench is number 4 and places it in Anaheim so I agree with Christina, it must be the one in Disneyland. Hope I can get to the park in time… 5 minutes is such a short window!

  53. Geren says:

    Just noticed in the picture that the time is 14:01:00 (2 pm), but also the address of Imagineering 1401 Flower Street i Glendale. It also appears that the institutions listed all have, or have had in the past, Disney R&D research labs.

  54. Stephen says:

    I wish that I could be there with everyone, good luck and keep the rest of us posted, so we know what is going on! What time does Disneyland open?

  55. Jennifer says:

    I wish I could be there! Thanks to all of the folks who will be there! Good Luck!

  56. Angel says:

    This is so exciting! So much new info and more to come tomorrow. Safe travels and good hunting to all who are able to go find more details. Amelia, this is an adventure of a lifetime. Thank you for letting us be a part.

  57. Ricky says:

    WHEW. After battling back from San Diego Comic-Con, I am finally caught up on everything that transpired over the last week and a half!

    Amelia – Thanks so much for the record. I’ll be sharing my own findings soon along with the latest from Disneyland in the morning. But it’s late now and I really ought to go to bed… :)

  58. amanda says:

    Hey guys…I live right near the site of the 64 worlds fair so if we end up needing to go there, I will!

  59. Louella says:

    Excited to help you out Amelia! Just waiting for the gates to open. Thanks for this adventure. If anyone else is here, I’m wearing a black hat. Lets work together!

  60. Louella says:

    So excited to help you out Amelia! Just waiting for the gates to open. Thanks for the adventure! If anyone else is here, I’m wearing a black hat. Lets work together!

  61. Kalani says:

    Livestream if you missed it on twitter.

    • Deborah says:

      Aaaaugh! That site isn’t working on my poor old computer at work! Can anyone type up a synopsys? I’m DYING here!!!

      • Kalani says:

        I came in on the middle and UStream keeps interrupting the stream with commercials. They went into Club 33. Three groups total, the first group has finished; the second is inside now.

      • Kalani says:

        There were some clues inside but I’m not exactly clear on what. Nothing immediately actionable I believe. I’m sure we’ll have a solid recap from someone there soon.

  62. Stephen says:

    its very detailed, it sounds like there is going to be a ton of stuff t do at Disneyland so us not in CA are going to be completely left out :(

  63. Louella says:

    Was inside Club 33. What do you think?

    • Roland says:

      Those symbols. The one with SLC looked like the one that was found on the Monorail sign. What if those symbols are found in other places?

      • Debra says:

        I’m not sure what this adds, but…. It looks like those initials that accompany the symbols on the plate may reference the names of famous dreamers and adventurers? AMG with the plane might be Amelia Mary Earhart. (And didn’t Amelia tell us her grandfather named her, or am I misremembering that?) JGV would be Jules Gabriel Verne, though I can’t see what the symbol is. WED is Walt, of course. I can’t read all the initials or see the symbols. Can someone else? Maybe there will be another picture.

        • Debra says:

          Thanks to the pictures of the glasses, I think I have all the initials (and the names with which they correspond):
          AME = Amelia Mary Earhart
          JGV = Jules Gabriel Verne
          SLC = Samuel Leghorns Clemens (Mark Twain)
          TAE = Thomas Alva Edison
          WED = Walter Elias Disney
          AGE = August Gustav Eiffel
          HGW = H.G. Wells
          NT = Nicola Tesla

        • Roland says:

          I’m looking at the initials and this what I discovered.

          The plane with AME – Amelia M. Earhart
          The robot with HGW – H.G. Wells
          The lightbulb TAE – Thomas A. Edison
          The castle WED – Walter E. Disney
          The throphy look with NT – Nikon Tesla

        • Louella says:

          Looks like symbols are the same from the other pics I posted.

    • Louella says:

      Looks like it translates to “The Future Is Ours.”

      • Deborah says:

        “Eras is Noster” translates to “You were the one our…” Was there another plate?

        • Deborah says:

          Just looked at Ricky’s update… I read the plate wrong. “The future is ours” is the translation.

    • Kennedy says:

      To me it looks like a mix of the Submarine Voyage and Fantasyland.

    • Katherine says:

      That same crest was on another piece in the trophy room. What an amazing experience that was today!

    • Nick says:

      For ease of reference, here is the map composite I posted in the other thread:

  64. Tristan says:

    So what’s happening at Club 33?

  65. Ricky says:

    This morning’s event was crazy! I wish I could have been there. But fortunately Jeremiah was capturing and sharing all that transpired throughout Club 33. Wallace sure knows how to throw a party. Looks like we really missed out, Amelia.

    I have summarized the morning’s events as well as the last few days, including video of the record Amelia sent and Jer’s trip to Chili John’s:

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • Mercedes says:

      Nice summed up! (And I curse my gainful employment right now!)

    • Jody says:

      thank you ricky for the summary. i was looking at the photos of the glasses. the symbols above each initial must be clues to where to look at DL and WDW. (Samuel Clemens was the real name of Mark Twain – the boat steering wheel must be for the riverboat or Tom Sawyer’s Island).

  66. Louella says:

    Thank you Amelia for letting me participate in this journey! Club 33 was amazing and my fellow case solvers are amazing as well!

  67. Scott says:

    Wallace’s image of the bench shows a container of peanuts on the end of the bench. Perhaps that will ‘appear’ on August 1st at 8:10-8:15am?

  68. patrick says:

    hi im new how do i play btw heres a pic of me in rl

  69. Louella says:

    In the trophy room.

  70. Kennedy says:

    Does someone have more pictures?

  71. Stephen says:

    ok so from what I can tell from the pictures that everyone posted. The initials on the plate and the ones on the cups are:

    WED – Walter Elias Disney
    TAE – Thomas Alva Edison
    JGV – Jules Gabriel Verne
    SLC – ?
    NT – Nikola Tesla
    AME – Amelia Mary Earhart
    AGE – Alexandre Gustave Eiffel
    HGW – Herbert George Wells

  72. robert says:

    I’m at Griffith park. I was able to retrieve the clue for the carousel. ” we each play a role in building tomorrow remember our goal to forge a brighter path for the future and keep the world going round society members.” The road to Walt’s barn is closed in all directions. Might have to wait till Sunday.

  73. Hastin says:

    Hey guys!

    Talking to Wallace was a huge treat. He talked about tomorrow, how were on the path. Plus, he talked about how Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow isn’t just a catchy tune.

    The clues! Here’s an album of photos

    The wine stemware and the lager plate must be connected. We determined that each of he symbols had initials that connected to World’s Fairs.

    I livestreamed the whole adventure, here’s a video:

    I’ll edit this down later. Time for chili and a carousel ride!

    • Geren says:

      How did Wallace know your name and that you were there, Hastin? How about the other group?

      • Kristina says:

        Geren, I was in the second group and Wallace did not know Alan’s (the gentleman who answered the phone) or my name. I did find it very interesting that he asked for Hastin by name too!

      • Hastin says:

        Honestly, I don’t know. I guess he would have assumed that I would show up (I mentioned it on Twitter), but how he actually knew I was in the first group was kinda creepy. Maybe he was actually there, just talking through the phone as a way of not revealing himself.

        He did say I was an “excellent leader”, so he must have been keeping his eye on me.

    • Stephen says:

      Thanks so much for the live stream it was awesome for people that couldn’t be there

  74. Sharon says:

    Great job everyone, since I can’t be in CA you have been my eyes. Love all the new clues you found. Glad some of you got into Club 33, have eaten there myself and it is a very special place indeed.

  75. Kristina says:

    I had the pleasure to speak with Wallace while at Club 33 this morning. I feel like our conversation was brief, but overloaded with secret messages. The main theme that I have gathered from our talk is that the future will be built by many. Wallace’s beautiful singing voice continued to suppport and echo this theme when he sang the Carousel of Progress theme song. I will hopefully review the video footage from Christina and give you guys more information soon. On a side note, he did ask someone to “keep and eye on the lift”-is this just a cautionary safety warning or something more?

    • Kristina says:

      Sorry – “an eye” not “and eye”

      • Roland says:

        Lifts sound like elevator. What if he’s referring to the elevator in club 33?

        • Kristina says:

          Yes Roland, I think he was referring to the lift at Club 33. I listened to my video footage of the conversation again and these are his exact words: “I need to make sure the area is secure. Is that something you can help me with? I need someone to watch the elevator because secrecy is of the utmost importance.” Maybe Wallace just needed a reason to speak with someone else in the room? Did another group also experience something similar?

          • Roland says:

            I’m unfortunately not there at Club 33 rather here based in Florida.

          • Nick says:

            If it’s worth anything, the last time I ate at Club 33, the manager told me the lift was a direct replica of one Walt saw in France. He could not purchase it, so he sent a team of imagineers to gather reference so he could perfectly recreate it.

      • Stephen says:

        good work Christina, thatnk for heading out there it sounds like an Amazing experience.

  76. robert says:

    Sorry for not replying sooner. My phone died while we were out there.

    After trying to get into Carolwood, closed today btw. We went to John’s Chili. It was amazing chili, we also got ourselves a can to go. Sadly it only had a clue. I’ll post a link to the pictures shortly.

  77. robert says:

    The clue was on a leather strap on the horse. you had to wrap it around the post, as demonstrated on Wallace’s poster, to decipher the message.

  78. Derek says:

    Wow, so many amazing experiences… Hopefully we caught it all; leave no stone unturned, I guess.

    Btw, what other questions were asked of Wallace? The one group with Jeremiah I’ve seen their question, but does anyone have their clue?

    • Kristina says:

      Hi Derek- I was in the second group and spoke with Wallace. Our group asked “What is the society?”
      He replied by telling me he can only say so much at this time. The rest we have to piece together. He can point us in the direction we need to go but we need to take the steps ourselves. They’re (wonder who “they” are?) looking for individuals who are willing to build a better tomorrow. What better way to start than with those that are already looking for it. We are one step closer to the answers we are looking for. Keep our eyes open. It could be anywhere in the park if we know where to look.

      • Ricky says:

        It seems the message was consistent across all groups. The goal was to find the symbols to now look for throughout the park. Each is tied to a historical figure but also, it seems, an attraction or area. They’re all over, apparently.

        • Derek says:

          And yes, Ricky, you’re right; I figured that would be the case, considering how this has gone with everything else. But I figured I’d ask, maybe something would stand out from the clues.

      • Derek says:

        Thank you! I was hoping someone asked about the society! I appreciate you posting your answer.

    • Christina says:

      I transcribed Kristina and Allen talking to Wallace here:

      • Hastin says:

        Based on the transcription – I can confirm that this is the exact same things that Group 1 heard as well. He added in tidbits, but the answer to the question was the same.

  79. robert says:
    Here is a picture showing the strap and part of the message. after looking at the message a little more we determined it should read: society members we each play a role in building tomorrow. Remember our goal to forge a brighter path for the future and keep the world going round.

  80. robert says:

    Here are pictures of the rest of our day.

  81. Natalie says:

    I too have finally caught up after recovering from comic con. You all have done some great work. This must be such an exciting adventure for you, Amelia. Thanks for letting us be a small part of it!

  82. Deborah says:

    I just want to take a moment to thank all of you doing the legwork on this and sharing your findings with all of us waaaaaay out-of-towners. When I finally make it to Disneyland I hope to be able to meet some of you.

  83. Jennifer says:

    I don’t even know where to post this. I’m watching a show on Smithsonian TV about Frank Baum (Oz- yeah you know) and they mentioned the Chicago Worlds Fair. Remember the second side of the record had this insert. Well after today at Club 33 and the icons referenced. The Chicago World’s Fair featured Tesla and Edison. Just an observation and confirmation of what we saw today. Whatever the era, they all frequented the Club 33 for important meetings, yes?

  84. jade says:

    I went for a ride on the carousel after work today. My camera ran out of memory, so I did not get the entire thing. I transcribed the letters from the leather strip. On the ride itself I could not get them to line up. If someone has time to decode it, that would be great. Remember there were two lines on the leather strip.
    First line: S R Y D * G A H E L C * R N E A R O K G E E L T E * G T E I Y A I M B O T E T G E H B R R O R U E O B L I O U G A I O U
    Second line: O S A I R O B F + D I W O G M L I R E O T E E O M T H H P N M C N O E F E F H R M P U R O R P T W U E A L W R E T L W R

  85. Roland says:

    I think he updated it. The image might be corrupted.

  86. Katherine says:

    What’s and where is “The Bench”

  87. Amanda says:

    Wow! Great thinking Tristan! Wish I could be there tomorrow morning.

  88. Amanda says:

    The Bench is where Walt used to sit to watch his daughters ride the rides and where he said he got his inspiration for Disneyland. I believe The Bench is still in the exhibit right before going to see Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. The last time I was at Disneyland it was right inside the entrance.

  89. Christina says:

    The bench is still there right when you walk into The Opera House. Just inspected it two days ago but didn’t see anything worth noting. Must be a clue that doesn’t present itself until that time. Same with the one tomorrow. I’m excited to find out what it is!

  90. Jennifer says:

    Is this it?

  91. Denise says:

    The poster lists “Anaheim” by #4 & #5 so it is likely that it is the bench near the front of the park. Didn’t they used to have a statue of Roy on that bench? Or am I thinking of the one in WDW?

  92. Katherine says:

    Yes, it is still there and it has an old peanut cart next to it.

  93. Shoshana says:

    I think we will need all five clues to find out the full picture, but Wallace is someone we need to find

  94. Amber says:

    The bench with Roy (and Minnie Mouse) is at WDW. The one we want is at the Opera House as others have said.

  95. Fred says:

    I am pretty sure that it is reference to the bench that is currently on display in the foyer of the main Street Opera House in Disneyland.

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