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I’m a slightly overwhelmed undergrad, scrambling to find time between school in the smallest state in the union and work at a low-rent video store to make a documentary about my grandfather, Carlos. He was a writer who always looked to the future. He’s only passed a short time ago, and I miss him terribly. Read More >

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Family Stories

I started this project to learn more about Grandpa, but as we move forward, I’m also learning about Mom. During a moment of charity and precision timing, Mom agreed to sit down for an interview. With me. In front of the camera. Yeah. What’s up with that, right? Was she taking pity on me? Did she just want me to stop bugging her about this? Or is she finally ready to talk about Grandpa? I’ll take any of those answers, but I kind of prefer the last one.


I had put off talking about Grandpa with Mom because every time I brought him up, she changed the subject. Even though I don’t remember them fighting, at least not in the classic sense, I could feel the tension between them. Okay, that tension kind of ran one way: Grandpa would talk about how excited he was about something dealing with tomorrow and the future, and Mom would roll her eyes and shake her head. Grandpa never seemed to notice. But I did.

Something about that look kept me from bringing him up with her. Deep down I just hate the idea of making anyone feel bad. Especially Mom. In any way. But I’m beginning to think that sometimes we have to hurt a little before we can feel better. Before we can heal. I hope that’s what’s happening here, and that this film will allow both of us to speak freely about Grandpa. And to open up to each other.

As for my interviewing skills, I do quite an amazing job of making the interview about me. I know that’s shocking, coming from someone writing a personal blog that says, “Hi, I’m Amelia!” But I really made a concerted effort to focus on Mom. I just got a little excited, know what I mean? Can’t wait to hear what you think.

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  1. Roland says:

    “Together, we can make a better tomorrow” interesting quote! This should be a motto.

  2. Amanda says:

    Wow! I think you did a great job interviewing your Mom, Amelia! It came off very relaxed and natural. Nice to hear your Grandpa was a storyteller like you are. Did your Grandpa ever meet Walt Disney? I think they would have gotten along really well after hearing about what your Grandpa was like.
    As for Grandpa’s story, it seems like it goes along with the other clues/info we have with the dinosaurs, robots, and a “City of Tomorrow”. Also, the saying at the end, “Together we will make Tomorrow Beautiful” is similar to “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”. I wonder if this is connected to that picture Wallace posted of the courtyard in New Orleans Square. It also had the phrase “Follow the dream with mind and heart” which was similar but not exact to lyrics in the song. Hopefully whatever happens tomorrow morning will help us put these pieces together.

    • Amelia says:

      Sweet of you to say, Amanda. :) Maybe practicing with Sofia did pay off. As for Walt and Grandpa, haven’t come across anything that directly links the two, so I can’t know for sure. But the connections you’re making are compelling ones. Looking forward to seeing if anything happens at Le Grand Courtyard.

  3. Sharon says:

    Wow you can see your mom really had to work hard to get that all out. I think she really wants to believe but is still to much of a realist. Grandpa was a visionary.

  4. Tristan says:

    I said this in the last article, and hope its not considered spam here, but before everyone departs to Disneyland for the Wallace event, I would like to tell you what “Follow the Dream with Mind and Heart” means. Okay, let’s say we alter the lyrics to Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow just a little bit: Walt has a dream, and thats the start. He follows THE dream with mind and heart. And when it becomes a reality, it’s a dream come true, for you and me.

    Why did I use Walt for a reference? Because the “Dream” is the Dream Suite! Right in the Le Grand Courtyard!
    See below?

    • Roland says:

      Somebody head over to the red barn and look for the train cart that is depicted on the pic!

    • Amanda says:

      Now that I think about it, I wonder if the phrase “Together We Will Make Tomorrow Beautiful” is directed toward us?

      • Kristina says:

        Wallace told me today that “they are looking for individuals who are willing to build a better tomorrow. What better way to start than with those who are looking for it (a better tomorrow).” I think you were right – these words are directed toward us!

  5. Dustin says:

    hey Amelia, I don’t know if you will have time, but we might. This drawing was on Wallaces Website and from what I can gather it looks like there are some clues.
    At the Le Grand Courtyard on 7/26 from 8:15-8-20am, the clue is to follow the dream with wind and heart.
    Then at the Carousel someone needs to Ride the last Dark Horse.
    Then at the Red Barn, request a ride on the Combine Car, there might be a flash photo opportunity there.
    At Chili Johns of California, ask for Chili with a side of Pinto Beans to go.
    The the last is on August 1st at 8:10-8:15am, there could be a clue found. Who is up to attending some of these things.

    • Denise says:

      If the Carousel is in a circle, how do you decide which is the ‘last’ Dark Horse?

      • Christina says:

        I’ve been trying to figure that out too. I *think* that there will be one horse darker than the rest when you get there. I’ve been looking at photos online and it seems the horses are a light wood color. I’m hoping the dark one will stand out

        • Roland says:

          The black horse should be on the outer part of the carosel. When they mean last one, they mean the end. Also check on either the pole or on the horse itself.

    • Amelia says:

      I’d be surprised if my car can make it out of Rhode Island, let alone cross country. But I’ll make time and figure out a way to follow your progress online and experience it all vicariously. So send pics, everybody! And vids! And reports!

  6. Tristan says:

    Congrats to Jeremiah! 8-o

  7. Patrick says:

    This. Is. Intense!

  8. Shoshana says:

    Whose planning on going to find Wallace tomorrow?

  9. CYNTHIA says:

    that date is 7/17/66 DL’s 11th anniversary. what about the other number 140100? and “destroy after reading”?

  10. Denise says:

    Nice interview with your mom, Amelia. In the story that your grandpa told, your mom said that the girl’s parents had a mysterious visitor and that the parents couldn’t talk. I wonder if that means that Walt visited your grandparents when your mom was little and they were sworn to secrecy. People tend to make up stories that have a grain of themselves/truth in it.

    • Amelia says:

      Thanks, Denise. When I was a kid, I just saw Grandpa’s stories as stories. Nothing more. Nothing less. I don’t know if that part of the story means what you’re suggesting, but I do think there could be more to it than I had originally thought.

  11. Stephen says:

    Amelia, the moment you and your mom shared when you both remembered the same story from your grandpa was reciting. I have changed my mind about your mom, I don’t really think that she knew or appreciated what you grandfather did, she saw him as a dreamer, you said yourself she is the hardest working person ever. Maybe sharing more of the informatIon that we have found about your grandfather will show her he wasn’t just dreaming these things but building tHem as we’ll.

  12. Fred says:

    Amelia, the interview was great! That story your grandpa told you and your mom sounds fascinating!

    • Amelia says:

      Yeah, the story was a captivating one. It’s been so long, though. I wish I could remember more. There are little things that come back to me, but I’m not sure if he actually said them or I made them up. If I had only thought to ask him about things like this sooner. If I had only tried harder to talk to him…

      • Whitney says:

        In the end Amelia, I think that whether everything you remember came from your grandfather, or else you made some of it up, it doesn’t really matter too much. Your Grandfather would most likely be delighted to know that you were remembering his stories at all, and probably thrilled at the thought of you adding your own story details! Don’t dwell too much on missed opportunities, remember all you can and focus on the future, I think we can agree that your Grandfather would approve of that!

        • Amelia says:

          :’) That’s exactly what I needed to hear, Whitney. You’re right and you’re wonderful.

          • CYNTHIA says:

            pay attention to your dreams too – your Grandfather might speak to you that way too – he loves you always-you are doing great

      • Stephen says:

        Amelia, write down what you can remember or post them here, I feel that when you sit down and write about something even when you think you have forgotten, it all comes back to you with a pencil and paper.

  13. Geren says:

    I brought this up on the other thread, but 1401 is also the address for Imagineering. The schools listed all have, or have had Disney R&D labs.

    I also just found this article about the three “dark horses” from the destroyed Lincoln Park carousel, that are now on the Griffith Park carousel. Wonder which one was the last one.

  14. Robert says:

    So jealous of all of you who can partake in this exciting adventure! Wish I lived in California. Living just a state away makes it even worse! Ha. Well, I’ll be watching all your discoveries.

    • Whitney says:

      I feel you Robert! I’m actually in the same state, just the wrong end of it! It definitely makes it worse! So close, but still so far!

  15. Steven says:

    I’m out in the middle of the Arizona desert. If only I could fly over and investigate.

  16. Zachary says:

    Congrats on the interview. Your mom really released a lot. I think your mom did release some things and is feeling better about this whole thing. You are getting there!

  17. Nancy says: sounds like Grandpa’s story ties in with three Disney Pixar films in the works..Tomorrowland, of course, and the Pixar Dinosaur one and Pixar in your brain one (Dream World?) Love it. :)

  18. Joey says:

    It’s interesting that the clues on the map aren’t numbered in the order they’ll be available. Maybe that’s the order we need to combine them in to get to the next step?

  19. Dustin says:

    Anyone going to be at the Le Grant Hotel This morning. Looks like the Dream Suite and be there at 8:15-8:20 this morning?

    • Matthew says:

      Its actually a courtyard on ground level, not up in the Drem Suite. If you go up the staircase and to the right it goes inside Club 33.

  20. Dustin says:

    Anyone able to get to the Le Grant Hotel at 8:15am this morning? The Location is the Dream Suite inside.

    • Stephen says:

      There are a bunch of people that are going, hopefully everyone will be able to post good pictures for the rest of us to see.

  21. YankeeWhite says:

    Not to be a downer but did you watch your mother’s body language in the first part of the interview. She tensed up and closed off a bit. “Not the most responsible guy in the world”
    “Somebody had to be the adult, but certainly wasn’t gonna be him.” That’s the reality, her reality, of “what grandpa was like when she was younger”. You can try to convince her he worked on real projects that really mattered and made a difference in the world, the it’s a serious uphill battle for you. She had to be the adult when she was only a child. I think all she really wants is to provide you with what she never had, a responsible adult. That’s why she’s always serious about hard work and such. I kinda touched on this a week or so ago

    Also, I see what looks like a wedding ring on you mother’s ringfinger. What’s the story behind that, ’cause you never talk about her husband and/or your father…

  22. Suzannah says:

    Can’t wait to hear what happens today at Le Grand Courtyard! Great clues so far.

  23. Matthew says:

    Oh man, I wish I was down in SoCal right now, won’t be until the 3rd. As soon as I saw the tease Wallace put out I recognized that staircase in Le Grand Courtyard as the one that leads up into the back entrance to Club 33 for cast members to use – it also takes them across the train tracks to a break area just south of the Frontierland station. Anyone get there this morning to see what or who was there?

  24. Matthew says:

    In regards to the location on Walt’s Haunts for the Red Barn, I contacted Fred with the Carolwood Society, he said that although access to the Red Barn and the Combine train car is usually only on the 3rd Sunday of the month, they will be open this coming Sunday for us to access and search for clues . . . .

  25. CYNTHIA says:

    wow-thanks for the timeline Eric – great idea!

  26. CYNTHIA says:

    Thank you Jeremiah and Kalani!

  27. CYNTHIA says:

    that particular symbol isn’t shorthand, IMO-I took shorthand in high school and still use it – but I’ll do some research and verify

  28. Mercedes says:

    I’m thinking your whole family is full of storytellers, Amelia. ;)

  29. Jody says:

    Amelia – excellent job with your interview of your mom. you got her to remember something happy about her dad with the ‘bedtime story rhyme”. btw, do you suppose the symbol tu we’ve been discovering everywhere could possibly by initials for something, like a society’s name?

    • Amelia says:


      • Jody says:

        Amelia – i forgot to mention two quotes i came up with to help me stay positive and smiling: 1) today is the tomorrow i worried about yesterday; 2) learn from the past, live in the present, leave the future to the imagination. I don’t know, maybe if you used one or both of these when you talk with your mom, maybe she will open up some more about her childhood and your grandpa. well, it’s a thought.

  30. Ryan says:

    Tu? How about tomorrowland utopia? Sounds like the Perfect play on words (utopia+auto=autopia) that ward kimball would use. Of course you know that ward was in charge of the science factual series on the disneyland television show. A few of these landed on DVD in the treasures tomorrowland set. Gets me thinking…

    • Jody says:

      ryan – so, mr. kimball was a ‘wordsmith’ (writer)? Grandpa Carlos was one, and i think mr. sklar was also one. hmm. that gets me thinking. could this be another clue for our story search?

  31. Kevin says:

    Did anybody get to talk to Wally Maps? What did he have to say?

  32. Nick says:

    Amelia, in your last blog you wrote:

    “But I personally love the idea of merging both those worlds.”

    I think that, going forward, “merging worlds” is going to become tremendously important in ways we don’t yet understand.

  33. Nick says:

    The symbols on the crest from Club 33 seem to match up to directions on the Disneyland map. Obviously WED is the Castle, and Sam Clemens is the Mark Twain, but it looks like we’ve got some contenders for the other locations:

    HG Welles: Tomorrowland Hub? Astro Orbiters?
    Tesla: Space Mountain?
    Amelia Earhart: Main Street? Maybe dedication plaque?
    Jules Verne: Adventureland? Jungle Cruise?
    Eiffel: Fantasyland? Matternorn?
    Edison: Frontierland? Thunder Mountain?

    Maybe we should be checking the dedication plaques for each land?

    • Nick says:

      Here’s a composite of the crest on a map of Disneyland:

      • Whitney says:

        Good thinking! I like the composite it definitely helps! Looks to me like the Eiffel Tower symbol lines up pretty well with It’s a Small World, which makes sense. I wonder if we should be looking for these symbols in those areas?

        • Eric says:

          Nice … the castle is pointing toward the castle, Eiffel to IASW, the squid toward where the 20k Leagues exhibit USED to be, the tesla coil toward Space Mountain, the plane towards the train station (not sure what this means), I can’t see what the next symbol is, the boat wheel toward the Mark Twain river boat, lastly, I cannot make out what that image between 9 and 12 o’clock.

          Would this mean that there are clues at all of the locations?

          • Roland says:

            Yes, someone has to go back to Disneyland and look out for these little details. After all, they may lead us to another clue by the Society.

          • Nick says:

            The Jules Verne seems to be pointing to Jungle Cruise/Adventureland, and I’m not really sure where in Frontierland the Edison one is pointing. Thunder Mountain? Hard to say.

          • Daphne says:

            When and where was the 20,000 Leagues exhibit located before Tomorrowland? I was thinking putting the crest on a historical map of Disneyland might help, but by 1964, according to the map I found online, 20K Leagues had already relocated to Tomorrowland. If we look at where the symbols would point on a historic map, the Edison one is pointing towards Carnation Gardens. Mike Cozart, a (previous?) Imagineer posted here that there was a concept never executed for Carnation Gardens to be the Edison Electric Gardens: I haven’t found much (any) information on the Edison Electric Gardens, but Cozart’s blog IS called the Tomorrowlounge:

          • Stephen says:

            good spot Sam Clemens is definately the mark twain, and Eifel is the Europe section of IASW the other don’t really make sense to me… maybe Tesla at Innoventions?

          • Christina says:

            Was brainstorming ideas about where the clues could be. These are some ideas I had:

            AME = Amelia Mary Earhart

            –saw a picture of AME in the Opera House by exit of Lincoln the other day!

            JGV = Jules Gabriel Verne

            –Old 20,000 leagues under the sea exhibit (the doors where the star tours line overflow room is now)

            SLC = Samuel Leghorns Clemens (Mark Twain)
            –Mark Twain Riverboat (I’m thinking museum or wheelhouse)

TAE = Thomas Alva Edison
 (ot sure on this one)
            –?big thunder mountain or ranch(thunder and electricity?)
            –Daphne mentioned that Carnation Gardens(now Fantasy Faire) was meant to be Edison Carnation Gardens. Could be a lead. Thanks Daphne!

            WED = Walter Elias Disney

            –clue in walkthrough or center stake?

            AGE = August Gustav Eiffel
            –France section of IASW

HGW = H.G. Wells

            –I know he was a science fiction writer and thats about it. so just a guess but the satalites where astro orbiters used to be look pretty “War of the World”‘s like.
            –only other thing I can think of science fiction like is maybe there is something inside Innoventions

            NT = Nicola Tesla
            –alot of theories out there about him making contact with aliens. so thinking space mt. here but almost everything in TL is space themed now so who knows.

          • Megan says:

            Maybe the Edison one is pointing toward where Edison Square was going to be?

          • Kaitlyn says:

            Here’s more info to expand on Daphne’s idea, except MouseCat calls it Edison Square, which was supposed to open in 1959 and be sponsored by GE.


          • Kaitlyn says:

            Oops, I totally missed Megan’s post! Still waking up here on the West Coast, haha.

      • Kristina says:

        Very nice pic Nick! I took a picture of the plate while at Club 33 this morning. Don’t know if it will help at all to have a bigger picture?

        • Stephen says:

          Just thinking outloud, but maybe the compa$s on Wallace’s Tomrrowland piece hold a clue to this?

        • Yunis says:

          I would say these are all members of The Society.

          • Kristina says:

            I just arrived at Disneyland Amelia! I am hoping Benjamin, little Evie and I can research some of the clues from Wallace’s Club 33 message and clues! I am going to post the pictures on Instagram and Twitter for those interested. So far, I took pics of the society members…post them soon!

    • Daphne says:

      While I feel this might be more a coincidence than a lead, Amelia Earheart bought her first plane at Grand Central Air Terminal, at the location Imagineering is today. The terminal still stands, and it looks like a plan to renovate it has been approved…
      Not sure if this relates to her role in terms of the Club 33 crest and the Disneyland map, but if nothing else, it’s a tie between Ms. Earheart and Imagineering.
      Amelia, do you know who were you named for? (Sorry if I missed this info already!)

    • Kalani says:

      Found this interesting tidbit. Tesla was friends with Mark Twain. I wonder if there are more connections between the listed people.

      • Phelan says:

        Tesla also had worked under Edison before they had a falling out. So there’s another possible connection.

  34. Daphne says:

    Hi team! I just discovered this blog, but have been reading avidly and would love to help however I can. I’m going to a BBQ my friends are hosting tomorrow, and they live a block away from Chili John’s (go figure!), so I’m happy to go see if my can has a different message? And Sunday is there a group meeting up to try the Red Barn/Combine car at 11? I might be able to make that. Nice to meet you all! Excited to keep reading the discoveries..! :)

  35. Derek says:

    Have to say, great work to everyone; I’m so jealous too. Another time I wish I was over there. Especially for Club 33.

    Wallace really is taking us for a ride, and I’m sure something’s behind it all.

  36. Mercedes says:

    I am so going to Griffith Park this weekend. Yay!

  37. Derek says:

    Amelia, I know it’s been said a few times already, but you did a fantastic job, and your grandfather would be proud. It’s always amazing to discover family history and the many secrets and stories held in the past. Just let this slowly sink in with your mother, and maybe you’ll turn her around on your grandfather. If anything, it will bring you closer to her. Just press on, and follow this path your grandfather set, and you’ll see a better future yourself, in one way or another. Good luck!

    • Derek says:

      And I think your story is a clue… or at least a hint. It may not directly lead to something, but it definitely is an inspiration to further on.

      And your mom’s description of him, sounds just like what I hear about me… Heh. Maybe I have some growing up to do :P

  38. Kristina says:

    Amelia! I wish we lived in the future and you could have used teleportation join us at Le Grand Courtyard this morning. I will try to sum up the morning, although I wish I didn’t have a baby girl in my arms the whole time because I would have gotten more pictures for you.

    • Kristina says:

      Group gathered at Le Grand Courtyard
      A New Orleans Jazz Band entered the beautiful staircase and played the Carousel of Progress theme song “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”
      We were all split into 3 groups and given Le Grand Courtyard tickets. I was in the second group – 8:45am
      Our group was escorted into Club 33 and taken to the upstairs reception area.
      Wallace called us on a phone in the Club 33 phone booth.
      He asked the gentleman who answered the phone, Alan, if he could “watch the elevator because secrecy is of the utmost importance” then he asked to speak to me.
      (On a side note, the elevator in Club 33 is actually a lift. This could be just an accident, but is this a clue to keep an eye on an elevator elsewhere in the park? Maybe the elevator in Carousel of Progress building, near Pirates , or Haunted Mansion? Just a thought but could mean absolutely nothing!)

      • Kristina says:

        It was a very exciting conversation, Amelia! I was asked to be the messenger and brainstorm a single question to ask on behalf of our group. In return, we would have to answer a question. This seemed like a wonderful proposition so I quickly acquiesced.
        It was tough coming up with just one question, but we worked fast and asked “What is the Society?”
        He replied by telling me he can only say so much at this time. The rest we have to piece together. He can point us in the direction we need to go but we need to take the steps ourselves. They’re (wonder who “they” are?) looking for individuals who are willing to build a better tomorrow. What better way to start than with those that are already looking for it. We are one step closer to the answers we are looking for. Keep our eyes open. It could be anywhere in the park if we know where to look.
        He then asked us a question; an easy question.
        He said it was a test; one of many. He then asked if we knew the song that the band played in the courtyard. We all immediately knew so he asked us to hum the tune. I thought we could do better, so we all sang it together.

        • Kristina says:

          Wallace wanted me to know that the future was built by many.

          • Kristina says:

            Do you think he is talking about us or the individuals we learned about on the Club 33 stemware?
            I really hope this helps you get a feel of the morning! Still wish you could have been there to enjoy it.

  39. Christina says:

    Man – I wish I could do some of this in-person stuff! Being originally from So.Cal, and knowing all the names and places, but living in Seattle now is TOO HARD! I’m so proud of you lucky souls who get to further us on this journey. I’m actually headed to SF next week for a conference, and seriously thinking about trying to get down to DL for a day after. I just don’t know if I can change my flight home without big fees. :(

  40. Ricardo says:

    Why are there no pictures in the frames? Hmm….

  41. amanda says:

    Hey guys, where is the memo with the Glendale and forest hills addresses on it? I live in forest hills, curious…thanks!

  42. Anthony says:

    which bench?

  43. Cody says:

    Went to Chili John’s an hour ago, got a duplicate message in my can. :/

    I have a feeling they have quite a few more cans, but I’m not sure if we’re going to get anymore new messages.

    Has anyone looked into San Uriah yet (the mfg. location of the cans)? I can’t find a real place called San Uriah, so there may be something there.

  44. Kalani says:

    Amber and I just got ours open. We were right on Jeremiah’s heels apparently. Ours is a different message. The paper is still damp going slow trying to extract it.

  45. Jeremiah says:

    YAY! Follow my mini-adventure at Chili John’s on my twitter feed.

  46. Amanda says:

    There’s that symbol again but this time it stands for something. Is it also in shorthand? “Tu eyes only”
    It almost seems like a recruitment notice for Imagineering. I noticed it mentioned a couple universities. I do know that Carnegie Mellon has partnership with Disney and they have a research lab on campus.

    I also found this video that talks about creating robots and interactive characters for Disney….

  47. Stephen says:

    That symbol again

  48. Derek says:

    One thing I note; the date is the latest in the bunch… In fact, not long before Walt died.

  49. Kalani says:

    Here’s ours, also from Chili John’s.

  50. Jeremiah says:

    That was fun! Wonder why the paper was damp?

  51. Amelia says:

    Whoa, a different message? No way.

  52. Amanda says:

    Here’s another article. One about MIT’s Disney research labs

  53. Derek says:

    Yes, those schools all do work with Disney in the present; I hope to work with the Robotics at CMU sometime. Maybe these do actually have some signifigance?

  54. Debra says:

    I’m following up on Amanda’s posting on CMU as it’s practically in my back yard as so was that first thing that struck me about the chili-can note. (Good work, Amanda and Jeremiah!)

    The university site offers lots of interesting info on CMU’s partnership with Disney for the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). Its mission? “To foster leadership in education and research that combines technology and fine arts to create new processes, tools, and vision for storytelling and entertainment.” Sounds familiar.

    I’m also linking to a press release – yet more info – that talks about ETC. It mentions work with “autonomous characters” (virtual or robotic) and a course called Building Virtual Worlds. Sounds about right for the “TU” team, huh?

    Other things not directly related to our search but that I like to think is part of our story? Randy Pauch was a co-founder of ETC and ETC is involved with Give Kids the World Village. Talk about dreamers and doers! Making tomorrow beautiful, indeed!

  55. Jeremiah says:

    My theory is that you don’t have to actually go in the barn — the map says you have to get in the combine… which may be open every day? Gonna hit up GP tomorrow.

  56. Amanda says:

    I feel these links are relevant to the note that Jeremiah found in the chili can. It helps explain the significance of those schools in the note.

  57. andrew says:

    I hope this means we need to visit the schools, just because theres so much going on in cali but nothing on the east coast. anyways if so I can get to MIT easy to check out the Disney labs

  58. Amanda says:

    If there’s a reason to, I can go check out CMU.

  59. Eric says:

    I’ve been keeping a timeline so far. Should be complete, but please let me know if I’m missing something:

    June 23, 1952
    Invite to Carlos from WDP to acquire rights to Orbit’s Story

    July 17, 1956
    Patent application for Rocket Ship Amusement Apparatus submitted.

    July 17, 1956
    Patent application for Panoramic Motion Picture Presentation Arrangement submitted.

    November, 25, 1958
    Rocket Ship Amusement Apparatus patent granted.

    July 3, 1958
    Date of Carlos’ “What Tomorrow Hides” third draft script

    June 28, 1958
    Panoramic Motion Picture Presentation Arrangement patent granted.

    November 15, 1963
    Contractor confidentiality memo.

    January 6, 1964
    Patent application for Audio Frequency Responsive Lighting Display submitted.

    January 10, 1964
    Carlos’ 1st draft of IASW alternate VIP narration track.

    April 24, 1964
    Letter from ‘J’ inviting Carlos to the Word’s Fair.

    May 1, 1964
    Carlos’ flight to NY.

    Between May 1 – 22, Carlos meets with Walt, Wernher, Bradbury and Howard.

    May 23, 1964
    Carlos’ return flight from NY.

    March 22, 1966
    Audio Frequency Responsive Lighting Display patent granted.

    July 17, 1966
    Eyes Only memo from chili can.

  60. Christina says:

    wow! I wonder how many different messages there are then. They both are recruiting optimistic science driven minds but in different locations/mediums it seems. Need to figure out what Science Factual is

  61. Amelia says:

    Oh, that’s awesome, Kalani.

  62. Kalani says:


  63. Denise says:

    Science factual, the opposite of Science fiction:)

  64. Whitney says:

    I did a quick search for Science Factual and discovered it was a series of space related tv shows created through a collaboration of Disney and Wernher Von Braun!
    “Von Braun served as technical advisor on three space-related television films that Disney produced in the 1950s. Together, von Braun (the engineer) and Disney (the artist) used the new medium of television to illustrate how high man might fly on the strength of technology and the spirit of human imagination.”

  65. Amelia says:

    These were great, Jeremiah! They had me on the edge of my seat.

  66. Whitney says:

    While I do consider myself a true Disney Geek, I did have to rely on the knowledge of the internet for this one, but I have identified that as Bent-Tail the Coyote. Relevance????????

  67. Hastin says:

    Got the camera all packed! Day off work, and a friend to come along.

    I want an adventure for Amelia! :)

  68. Whitney says:

    So…. what you’re saying is there isn’t any. Gotcha.

  69. Denise says:

    Don’t remember the name, but the short is The Legend of Coyote Rock.

  70. Denise says:

    I wonder how many cans of chili there are and if each can has a different message.

  71. Kalani says:

    Yup, I wonder how many messages there are. Hopefully some more people can stop in and order some pinto beans. =) Btw, the hot beef chili is amazing there!

  72. Brian says:

    I think I missed something here, where did the chilli can come from and what is the significance other than it was Walt’s favorite food?

  73. YankeeWhite says:

    Brian, Wallace posted a #waltshaunts map Chili John’s of CA is one of the ‘haunts’. If you go, order Chili with a side of Pinto beans to go. Those are the magic words to get the chili can with the secret message inside! (If they have any cans left.)

  74. Jody says:

    thanks Eric for the timeline. :)

  75. Kalani says:

    Eric, nice work on the timeline. I combined yours with the one I have been keeping.


    6/23/52 – WDP Offers to acquire “Orbit’s Story” and a Job with the Story Dept working on the Special Projects Team.

    12/23/1954 – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Opens (“In this film, the power source for the Nautilus is clearly implied as nuclear power. This is intimated by, among other things, the nuclear explosion of Nemo’s island at the end of the film.” -IMDB)

    7/17/56 – Patent application for Rocket Ship Amusement Apparatus submitted.

    7/17/56 – Panoramic Motion Picture Presentation Arrangement submitted.

    6/28/58 – Panoramic Motion Picture Presentation Arrangement patent granted.

    7/3/58 – “What Tomorrow Hides” Third Draft written

    11/25/58 – Rocket Ship Amusement Apparatus patent granted

    11/15/63 – WED Enterprises issues memo to Lott Const and others about contractor confidentiality. Mentions “The City” “Florida Project” “Operation? Signal Flag” “the Auto Apparatus” “the Mark 0 Project”

    1/10/64 – IASW Alternate VIP Narration Track Written by Carlos Moreau Draft 1

    1/22/1964(?) – Primeval World Meeting 01BC

    2/14/1964(?) – ISAW is 0B1G

    4/13/64 Monday – Lott const approved for access to “secure area” on IASM

    4/14/64 Tuesday – Final Signal Flag install has been successful and is ready for private demo at the World’s Fair

    4/17/64 Friday – Lincoln flown into NY but traffic prevented arrival until 4/18. Also First game at Shea Stadium. Mets lose to Pittsburgh

    4/18/64 Saturday – Final adjustments to acommodate the advancements to Lincoln may require a 2 week delay — Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” finally arrives at the World’s Fair. (It had been flown to New York the day before but traffic had prevented the exhibit from being delivered to the Illinois Pavilion.) The WED technicians scramble to install Mr. Lincoln in hopes of having him ready for a special April 20 preview. Due to technical problems, the exhibit will not be ready for the preview nor will it open with the rest of the World’s Fair. (

    April 19th 1964 Sunday – Special Project Team Meets. The future of the exhibits post fair were discussed at length. Need to arrange transportation to Flushing Meadows for Carlos to discuss additional work for “tomorrow”. Walt’s office to set up meeting with Hughes(?) at the temporary offices in Queens. Patent applications to be put on hold for the following: auto apparatus, signal flag and the Mark Zero project. All are integraral to the future of ‘The City,’ however this information should not yet be available to the public. Due to recent security concerns, all further developments of the city will be conducted under a new confidental project name at corresponding conference number. To access future meeting minutes, please use the appropriate conference number and code.

    April 21 or before — Prior to World’s Fair opening – “I remember one night we were working on some last minute tweaks to ‘small world’ when we heard this gosh-darn awful racket coming from this back room, and I didn’t know there even was a back room! It was this big hum, like the biggest engine you ever heard of. Everything was on a need-to-know, and I felt lucky to be in the know to know there was a need-to-know! ” -M Lott

    4/22/64 Wednesday – World’s Fair Opens

    4/24/64 Friday – Letter from WED Enterprises (with both Glendale and Forest Hills, NY addresses on it) Tickets for flight on May 1st with a return on 23rd. Typewriter and supplies have been provided. Enclosed “Vistor’s Kit”

    5/1/64 Friday – Carlos’ flight arrives

    5/1/64 tom 5/22/64 – Carlos meets with Walt, Wernher, Bradbury and Howard. Demos given to Wernher, Bradbuy and Howard at specific times.

    5/2/64 Saturday – Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln Opens

    5/16/64 Saturday – Key for 5/16 is 0L1N

    5/23/64 Saturday – Carlos’ return flight departs

    10/18/64 – Fair Closes for the Season

    3/22/66 Audio Frequency Responsive Lighting Display patent granted.

    7/17/66 Eyes Only memo from chili can.

    12/15/66 – Walt Dies

    7/2/67 – New Tomorrowland opens at Dland – CoP opens there

  76. Kevin says:


  77. Kevin says:

    Wanted to reply to specifically, this post. you’re right, it’s not.

  78. Tristan says:

    How are things going?

  79. Brent says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your ustream this morning. Definitely a great help to those who couldn’t go.

  80. Katherine says:

    They will be open on this Sunday at 11:00. I got email confirmation from curator.

  81. Katherine says:

    The above comment was referring to Walts barn at Griffith Park.

  82. Shoshana says:

    Woah, Nice job!!

  83. Ricky says:

    Reading through this made me realize that those 4-digit codes from Walt’s table at the Tam have never been used for anything… right? Or am I forgetting about something?

  84. Jennifer says:

    Kalani, I am watching the Science Factuals and Eisenhower wanted a showing of Man in Space and the scale model of the space station was sent to Washington and it resides in the Space and Air Museum. Cool.

  85. Kalani says:

    Nice. I haven’t been there in ages it’s an awesome place for sure. Even if it’s just a “journey is more important than the destination” kind of things, if anyone is close maybe they should check it out.

    I’m going to see about watching them all all the way through tomorrow. There’s a lot to process from this week!

  86. Jennifer says:

    Wow lots of V-2 rockets narrated by Walt Kimball. Wally Ley is explaining satellites (iasw). This film is from 1955. Com Braun said a passenger road could be built in 10 years.

  87. Stephen says:

    I am actually going to h National Air and space museum this weekend, I don’t there will be anything there but I will keep my eyes open.

  88. Jennifer says:

    Oops Von braun

  89. Kalani says:

    Stephen, a happy coincidence! If you take pictures, post them, I’d love to see them. There might not be anything directly related as such, but there’s a wealth of interesting exhibits and certainly our interest in space travel has been piqued… =)

  90. Stephen says:

    Will do, me and my son are really looking forward to seeing the SR71 Blackbird…super cool

  91. Stephen says:

    Nope we never used them for anything, I tried putting the numbers for Emelie through this same code sequence but didn’t come up with anything.

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